Our relaxed Vietnamese restaurant specializes in the eponymous pho and Vietnamese dishes.

pho lu inside

Extremely quick service. My boyfriend and I arrived on a busy Friday night. There were bigger parties waiting, but fortunately for us a smaller table was open and we were seated immediately.

Yummy pho, and fresh, fresh bean sprouts, basil, and lime. Vietnamese coffee is STRONG. You can’t go wrong here!


One of my favorite pho locations because the interior is newer than other pho locations, pho is consistent every time I go there, service is quick, technological advance with iPads, accept credit cards, and delicious.

I normally order the Pho Thai filet large or small with extra meat with raw onions. Great combo for a great meal.

If you have not been here, I recommend this location.


I recently transitioned to this spot as my go-to spot for pho!

My girlfriend and I came here right when it opened at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning.  We sat down, ordered, and got our food in under five minutes.

I highly recommend getting your pho with rare steak, flank, and tripe!  Be sure to add all of the fixings like bean sprouts, lime, mint leaves, hoisin sauce and, of course, sriracha for that bump in spice.  Usually at pho places, the noodle serving is overwhelming and disproportionate to the meat and other add ins.  But there is a strikingly good balance of food in your bowl, and the bowls come in three different sizes!

Price-wise, very affordable and light on the wallet.

My only critique is that the mint leaves are not as fresh as the bean sprouts, so I don’t add too much in, if any.

It’s clean here compared to other pho places, and I appreciate the chopsticks coming in individualized packaging 🙂

Supplement your hearty bowl of pho with a Vietnamese coffee!

-An Thien

While Pho Lu is one of the many catch-all restaurants in Little Saigon that seems to have a little of everything, THE standout thing to get here is the oxtail pho.

FALL. OFF. THE. BONE. I don’t know of another pho restaurant in Garden Grove or Westminster that does oxtail this well. It’s always just the right amount of meatiness and fatiness… and if it ain’t fatty enough, you can always order extra fatty brisket like I do when I’m feeling extra fatty.

It’s a comfort thing!

The broth too is a nice alternative to many of the other pho joints in Little Saigon… I’ve never left with a headache, dry mouth, or any of the other symptoms of “too much MSG”. Who knows what is or isn’t in the soup… I just know the ox tail is killer here and it’s worth the trip!

Just make sure you go at the right time; the right time being BEFORE they run out of oxtail. I’ve had it happen to me late at night AND earlier in the day… NOT a pleasant experience.


My friends and I were super hungry after a trip to Disneyland and came all the way here for the pho since it was recommended by another friend. They open late as well, they close at 1am!

When we got there around 10:30pm, the place was packed. Luckily, we were the first ones on the list and after us, there were another 5 groups that came in. So they place is definitely busy!

We got seated and placed our orders. I got the pho tai which is just pho with rare steak. I got the regular sized bowl which was around $7.50. I wish it came with more noodles than steak (I know, people usually want more meat than noodles). But the ratio of meat and noodles were off. I ate 3 slices of beef and 1 bite of noodles everytime.

The broth was good! I can tell it was cooked the traditional way, rather than just using canned soup. Their service was good! They were very attentive and had enough servers bringing out the water, the veggie plates, and our dishes. We were all quite satisfied with our pho craving that night.


Pho Lu is the main place to get my fix for oxtail pho. The broth isn’t salty like most pho places. It actually has a slight sweetness to it which I prefer. 🙂 Now I really need to highlight how delicious the oxtail is…they simmer it for a long time so the meat just falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. It’s so good that sometimes oxtail runs out on busy Friday and Saturday nights. Tip: Ask for fresh pho noodles (no extra charge). These noodles are thicker than the average noodles but they soak up the broth nicely and enhances the oxtail pho experience into a whole new level.


Good news friends, these guys are advanced, they take card!
The difference between this place & other Vietnamese places is vibes & great customer service.

Recommendations for first timers:
The food was very good, I personally always go with Pho Tai(Rare Steak Slices) to really taste the flavor mixed with greens & lemon!
The Eggrolls here are not the browned crispy wonton style, instead they are a deep fried spring roll variety, which are just equally delicious with a lighter texture!

I personally recommend at any restaurant to explore other dishes besides the well-known for culture cause life’s all about adventure 🙂
My personal favorite dishes from Vietnamese cuisine are:
Bo Kho (Tender Beef Stew paired with baguette bread or noodles)!
Banh Cuon (Rice Flour sheets filled with shrimp/pork, paired with usually bean sprouts/fried crispy pork)
Bun Bo Hue( Spicy Beef amusement park soup noodle)
-Thanks shokugeki!

A super good place after drinks & a night out which I definitely recommend, I’m hoping they increase the levels of flavor here the next time I visit!


Wanted very delicious vietnamese food! Looked up and we went! Look on the menu they had a lot to chose from. From single meals to family meals! Staffs were very friendly and nice! They make sure you got water if your cup was empty. Also they also have banh beo! It was delicious the best I had so far in the Oc. Their pho was popping with flavors. My other friend had bun no hue it was delicious too! The server even bought us two different kinds of peppers saying that this will make. Big different in taste! Boy it made it!  I had the bun cha hanoi! It was delicious too! But the only thing I didn’t care about in that dish of meats was the cha. But man beside that everything else was delicious!  Whenever I go to Orange County I always try new places cause there are so many different places to try! Anyways I would go back and try their family meals! The other table behind use order the family meal! Man it looked just as good! Yummy place!


Fav pho place in my home town! Whenever I’m craving for some amazing quality pho with no disappointments, I come here. All my family and friends enjoy this place as well and that says a lot since they’re picky eaters! Can’t go wrong with my usual Pho Thai Chin.


I love this place, the long hours make it so convienent. The dining room is comfortable and the food good. My favorite dish here is the crispy fried rice dish. AKA #80. Whether you get the Beef or seafood variety is up to you. But the broth makes the dish. Be sure to soak your rice cake in the broth.

Parking:  Easy, open lot

Price:  $50 for 4 (4 bowls of pho and eggrolls + tip)

I ordered pho dac biet.  It is your usual but the broth tastes much sweeter and richer.  They give you a good amount of noodles.  What I didn’t like about the tripe was that it was not chopped in smaller pieces.  I love tripe but with my soup, i would like the pieces to be bite size.  Although the other pieces were not choke worthy, I will would have liked a bite with every spoonful.

They ran out of oxtail pho early that night so I couldn’t try the claim to fame 🙁

The eggs rolls were really nice and crispy.  Filling was a little dry but that’s what the veggies are for!

Would I go again?  Yes

I went here on Sunday, and it was pretty crowded. Regardless, it was quite quick for us to have a table for 7, which was a big party already, and the service and food were super quick. If you order pho, it will take less than 15mins to come up, even when the place was packed. The food here is very good, almost comes close to authentic Vietnamese cuisine and I’m very happy about that. We ordered various dishes, and all of us were satisfied with it: from pho, to vermicelli to broken rice. Also, my favorite drink to get here is the avocado smoothie, super smooth and creamy, totally worth the try.

The restaurant was beautiful from outside. Since last time I went here for an early breakfast, I never knew how much of a different it was at night. The colorful lanterns lit up the restaurant, and the inside was a bit dark to create that intimacy within each table, not being too dark or too annoyingly bright. There was live music playing at 8pm as well, but since I’m not a regular I don’t know if this is a weekend thing or a nightly thing. I’m happy that I return and bring my friends with me. This restaurant doesn’t disappoint.